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Finding transportation to/from medical appointments and procedures can be a challenge, especially for those that require assistance beyond what family, friends, and public transit can provide.


We serve a wide variety of medical facilities, including: physician's offices, hospitals, disease treatment centers (dialysis, chemotherapy, radiation, hyperbaric), surgery centers, physical therapy clinics, and much more!


Our drivers are trained to accommodate the unique needs of those experiencing mobility issues, and our team is committed to providing safe and reliable transportation anywhere you need to go.


Due to varying circumstances, some individuals reach a point where they no longer can (or want to) drive themselves around town. Many of those same people worry that they would be a burden if they called upon friends, family, or neighbors for help. Now they have another option.

Need to go grocery shopping?

Taking an exercise class?

Attending a grandchild's graduation?

Meeting friends for lunch?


No problem! Wherever your destination, our goal is to help you make the most of your freedom and independence!


We also provide safe and reliable transportation options for special needs students attending local, state-run, and private schools throughout Ohio.

Our drivers are trained and certified through the Ohio Department of Education Van Driver program, ensuring extra precautions are always taken when transporting students.

If your student requires special accommodations, please call us today, or pass our contact information on to your student services administrator. We look forward to discussing your student's individual needs and how we can make their commute more enjoyable.

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